About Us

Cinmon is a company that produces a soft drink with a unique composition that includes ACV (apple cider vinegar). This natural ingredient has the ability to reduce blood glucose spikes, making Cinmon drink a great choice for those looking to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Mission, vision and goals are an important part of Cinmon company's activities. These elements help define the company's goals, direction, and values ​​it strives to live up to.


Cinmon mission is to provide people with a healthy and delicious drink that helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The company seeks to provide a natural and effective way to reduce blood glucose spikes, thereby improving people's health and well-being.


Cinmon vision is to be the leading company whose drink is well-known and beneficial to anyone looking to maintain healthy sugar levels. The company's goal is to develop a well-known product that helps people care for their health and live an active lifestyle.


We have several important goals that we as a team aim to achieve:

  1. Ensure high product quality and safety by using only natural ingredients and adhering to established standards.

  2. To extend the business's activities and boost sales to make Cinmon drink accessible to as many people as possible.

  3. To inform and educate the public about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including the importance of maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

  4. Strengthen community ties by attending various health and lifestyle events.

    Cinmon, with a clear mission, vision, and goals, is dedicated to developing products that help people maintain healthy sugar levels and live healthy lives. Cinnamon drink with ACV is an excellent choice for those who want to maintain their health and live an active lifestyle.